The Simplest Dog Toys from Household Items

the-simplest-dog-toys-from-household-itemsDog toys can get quite expensive – especially if you have a chewer that goes through toys faster than you can blink.

There’s a simple solution that is friendly on the wallet – make your own toys from household products! Here are a few ideas for you to try…

Before we get started, however, remember safety first! Inspect the items before giving them to your pup and always supervise their playing. Regularly inspect the toys and throw away any that are falling apart.

  • The Sock ‘n Bottle: For a dog that likes crinkly sounds, pull a sock over a water bottle, and tie the end in a knot. It can’t get any simpler!
  • Find the Treat: Take a muffin tin and place a few treats in some of the holes. Fill the holes with tennis balls and let your dog hunt out the treats. He will have to figure out how to get the ball out to get to the treat!
  • A similar game to ‘Find the Treat’ but for smaller dog: Place a treat on the floor and cover it with an upside-down plastic butter dish. Your dog has to figure out how to move the dish to get to the treat.
  • The Knot: Take an old sock or a piece of old jeans (with no buttons/studs/zipper) and tie it so you end up with a knot in the middle. This can be used for chewing, tug of war, or even a game of fetch. Hours of entertainment guaranteed! For a bigger dog, a hand towel would work well.
  • The Sock ‘n Ball: Place a tennis ball inside a sock (at the bottom by the toe), then tie a knot just above the ball. Great for playing fetch!
  • Rope Ball: Take a piece of rope and a tennis ball. Cut on either side of the ball just big enough for the rope to go through. Pull the rope through and tie a knot on either side of the ball.

And there you have it – probably the simplest DIY dog toys!