The 5 Best Active Dog Breeds for An Active Lifestyle

Choosing the right breed of dog to share your life should not be taken lightly. Four-legged friends come in all sizes and there are literally hundreds of breeds. Like humans, they’re all very different and have varying needs and temperaments. People often make the mistake of not researching and choose a dog by its appearance. But there are many things to think about, particularly how well they socialise with children and people in general. They also need to suit your lifestyle in terms of accommodation, energy levels, grooming care, and behavioural needs. Most dogs have a working background and still have natural instincts for hunting, guarding or herding. Choose wisely!

shutterstock_164733143An activity companion for life

Dogs and outdoor activities or sports are a great combination. If you’re looking for an athletic partner or a jogging companion, there is a breed to suit you. Maybe you love adventure, exploring or camping out under the stars. Some dogs make great partners for long distance trekking, others prefer fast sprints. If you are really active, you need a dog with stamina to keep you on your toes. Or maybe your ideal dog would also lie down and do Yoga with you. It’s important to choose the right breed to suit your activities. Why not subscribe to a Pet weekly with Digital lifestyle magazines and do your research first?

5 Active dog breeds

Assuming you have ruled out high energy small terrier breeds, here are the top 5 active lifestyle dogs which are comfortable with daily activities like running, jogging and hiking. Labrador Retriever – resourceful, persistent and calm. Labradors love water, exploring and brisk short runs. Doberman Pinschers – energetic, obedient and protective. Dobermans have speed and stamina which suit jogs or hiking. Dalmatians – alert, clever and lively. Dalmatians make great partners for long-distance walking or jogging. German Pointers – intelligent, adaptable and spirited. Pointers are born hunters and excellent for trekking or adventure trips. Hungarian Vizsla – tireless, sporty and obedient. Vizlas have great stamina, love the outdoors and hiking. The choice is yours!