Life Lessons to Learn from your Dog

life-lessons-to-learn-from-your-dogYou teach your dog a lot – how to sit, stay, and fetch. But if you pay attention, they can teach you a lot, too.

Live in the Moment

Dogs don’t have the capacity to worry about the future and (apart from conditioning) don’t think about the past. They are always in the present – living in the ‘here and now’.

Let your dog be your reminder to live in the moment. Not only as you go about your day but when you spend time with him. When you are playing fetch, or tug of war, give him your undivided attention. He will notice the difference!

Daily activity and Stretch

Dogs balance cozy naps with plenty of running and playing and big stretches. They don’t think about it – they just do it – it is instinct.

Make activity part of your daily life – the more you make it a habit the easier it will be to do it. And don’t forget to stretch after!

Keeping it Simple

Dogs have very simple needs – a warm place to sleep, a daily meal, a full water bowl, and a little attention. They don’t worry about a designer bed or the latest technology in feeding bowls.

Simplicity leads to contentment. And contentment allows them to be fully present and happy, whatever they are doing and whomever they are with. We can learn a lot from these wise creatures!

Forgive and Move On

Often there will be times you do things your dog doesn’t like, such as giving him medicine, pulling him away from that very interesting dirt bin, and leaving him for a few hours while you go to work. But they will always forgive you and move on. Dogs don’t hold grudges.

Love Freely

Dogs don’t hide their affection. They offer unconditional love and companionship – no games, no grudges. Take your dog’s lead and share your love with those you care about.