Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer Heat

keeping-your-dog-cool-in-the-summer-heatSummer is a wonderful time, for pooches and owners alike. But the heat of summer can also be dangerous for dogs. Small dogs and especially those with flat faces, tend to overheat quite easily.

To keep your best friend safe and happy with summer, here are a few tips.

Water Water Everywhere

Keep fresh water accessible at all times for your dog. Keep more than one bowl around the house and outside in the shade, so there is always fresh water available.


Walk in the morning and evening. The cooler temperatures will be more comfortable for you and your pooch. This is especially important if you walk your dog on the road or bricks. The surface can get very hot and burn your dog’s paws quite easily.

Make Frozen Treats

Not only are these tasty but they will help cool your dog down. Check out our article on delicious frozen treat recipes to try!


If you have access to a pool or a lake, this is a fun activity for your dog. If your dog isn’t used to swimming, keep a close eye on him in case he gets tired and needs your help.

Know When to Go Inside

Dogs are very much like children in some respects. If they are having fun, it doesn’t matter how cold or hot they are, they won’t want to go inside. Look for signs such as heavy panting, slower movement, and weak legs. If you see any of this behavior, bring them inside and give them water.

When Going Out

Never, ever, ever leave your dog in a parked car. If you can’t be certain that you can take him with you wherever you are going, rather leave him at home. The inside of a car is dramatically hotter than the outside. Your dog could also end up panicking or getting overexcited from passers-by, leading to dehydration.